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Mr Tumnus Costume Ideas: Narnia Faun

Mr Tumnus is the much loved faun character in The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe book by C. S. Lewis, played by James McAvoy in the movie. This is a popular fantasy dressing up choice, especially for men and also little kids who make ever so cute fauns.

Despite a faun being a fantasy creature which is half human and half goat, a Mr Tumnus costume is fairly easy to put together. Use this step by step costume page to find out exactly what you need to make a convincing fancy dress and Halloween costume for this Narnian character.

Mr Tumnus is also mistakenly known as a satyr which is also a cross between a man and a goat. Both creatures are mentioned in the Chronicles of Narnia books but Mr Tumnus is a faun, part of a race that is typically happy, carefree, kind and loyal.

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Mr Tumnus Costume Ideas: Chronicles of Narnia Faun

Mr Tumnus Costume Ideas Chronicles of Narnia Faun Satyr Fancy Dress Up Halloween Costumes Page Narnian

Image Credit: Shared by Joe Lanman on Flickr with a CC License

Here's a man dressed up as Mr Tumnus. What sets him apart from looking like any other faun is that he is wearing the all important red scarf and carrying parcels wrapped up in brown paper.

This Chronicles of Narnia costume page takes you through everything you need to know in order to dress up yourself or a child convincingly in a Mr Tumnus Narnia costume.

We'll go step by step through the essentials and the little extra details which will make your Faun outfit a success whether it is for Halloween, cosplay or another occasion.

How to Put Together a Mr Tumnus Costume: Step by Step

Lucy Pevensie meets Mr Tumnus Through the Wardrobe Chronicles of Narnia Illustration

Image Credit: Shared by Anastasia Alen on Flickr with a CC License

Illustration showing when Lucy Pevensie first meets Mr Tumnus when she comes through the wardrobe into Narnia.

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe is a favorite childhood book. I love Lucy walking through the wardrobe to see Mr Tumnus and the lamp post which marked the very beginning of Narnia.

The faun is the first talking creature that Lucy meets when she steps through the wardrobe into this new and magical land. Despite the betrayal of Mr Tumnus towards her, they become firm friends.

What is a Faun in Narnia?

A Narnian faun is half human and half goat. Most of the top is fashioned as a human except for the horns and ears. The bottom half of this creature features furry legs, a tail and hooves like that of a goat.

"From the waist upward he was like a man, but his legs were shaped like a goat's (the hair on them was glossy black) and instead of feet he had goat's hoofs. He also had a tail." ~ C. S. Lewis

Fauns have little horns on either side of their forehead and male fauns often sport a little goatee beards on their chins.

Mr Tumnus wears a distinctive long red scarf around his neck. The scarf and other Narnian features are what will set you apart from other fantasy characters and make you look like you are straight from the world of C. S. Lewis.

All the Parts of a Mr Tumnus Costume Outlined

  • A Mr Tumnus Wig or Hairstyle
  • Faun Horns and Ears (essential)
  • Facial Hair Goatee Beard
  • Bare Top Half or Nude Skin Color Shirt (essential)
  • Red Scarf (essential)
  • Furry Legs or Medium-Dark Brown Pants/Trousers (essential)
  • Goat Like Cloven Hooves
  • Brown Paper Parcels
  • Umbrella
  • Flute
  • Lucy's Handkerchief

❄️ 1: A Mr Tumnus Wig or Hairstyle

Chronicles of Narnia Mr Tumnus Faun Costume Ideal for Halloween Cosplay and Fancy Dress

Image Credit: Shared by Joe Lanman on Flickr with a CC License

"He had a strange but pleasant little face, with a short pointed beard and curly hair." ~ C. S. Lewis

You may be blessed with curly hair that works for this Narnian character. Otherwise you can choose to use your natural hair as it is or curled up or. alternatively, a wig.

You can sometimes find faun or satyr wigs to fit with this style of costume. I don't believe the wig to be crucial to the whole look of a Mr Tumnus outfit. There are much more important parts to this whole look.

❄️ 2: Mr Tumnus Faun Horns and Ears

"... out of the hair there stuck two horns, one on each side of his forehead." ~ C. S. Lewis

You can buy faun ear tips that need to be attached to your own with spirit gum or liquid latex. You can paint make-up over the top in order to match a skin tone better. If you have a latex allergy then ear tips may not be suitable for you. Please check what material the tips are made of, in this case, before making a purchase.

Horns are another item that you can buy. These are often on some kind of elasticated cord or attached to a headband.

Some people make their own horns using papier mache techniques or forms of plaster. These can then be painted for the look that you want. Faun's horns are normally quite small but you can choose something more pronounced to make more of a statement with your character.

DIY ears can be made from paper, card, foam, leather like fabric and then attached to a headband, a wig or elasticated cord.

❄️ 3: Facial Hair Goatee Beard

"He had a strange but pleasant little face, with a short pointed beard and curly hair." ~ C. S. Lewis

Unless you already have a natural goatee beard, the options are to not worry about adding any facial hair or get a costume goatee beard. A lot of costume beards look really fake so it may look best to leave this part out altogether.

For kids dressing as this magical Narnian faun, you can use face paints such as Snazaroo to add a suggestion of a little beard.

❄️ 4: Bare Top Half or Nude Skin Color Shirt

Mr Tumnus just wore a red winter wool scarf over his bare chest. This was the only item of clothing on his upper body. Men can wear nothing on top and still have a family friendly costume of course.

For kids and women dressing up as Mr Tumnus and also if it is simply too cold, a nude or skin tone plain t-shirt can be worn instead with the red scarf draped over the top. You can get a short or long sleeved skin color shirt as needed.

❄️ 5: Red Scarf

"He had a red woolen muffler around his neck and his skin was rather reddish too." ~ C. S. Lewis

A muffler, which may not be a term that you're familiar with, means a wrap or a scarf. When the book was set in the 1940s, hand knitted scarves were very common. So the idea of using a traditional knit style of scarf works with the period of the book.

James McAvoy wore a traditional knitted red scarf with a long fringe in the movie. The red scarf was a big feature of the costume and it really is an essential part of any Mr Tumnus costume. The actor wore it with one length draped down at the front and the other length draped over at the back.

You can get a plain red scarf from lots of places. To be more authentic, here is a free knitting pattern which is based on the actual scarf worn in the movie version.

Make a no-sew DIY scarf from red fleece fabric. Cut a long length of fleece in a narrow, rectangular scarf shape. When happy with the length and style, cut a fringe into each end using a sharp pair of scissors. Fleece does not fray so a cut edge can be left as it is and there is no need for any sewing.

❄️ 6: Furry Legs or Medium-Dark Brown Pants/Trousers

Chronicles of Narnia faun Mr Tumnus costume dressed up fancy dress outfit

Image Credit: Shared by Eric Golub on Flickr with a CC License

"From the waist upward he was like a man, but his legs were shaped like a goat's (the hair on them was glossy black) and instead of feet he had goat's hoofs. He also had a tail." ~ C. S. Lewis

Although C. S. Lewis describes the goat's legs as being black, the movie version interpreted them as brown. Most of the actual faun or furry beast legs you can buy for a costume come in a brown color faux fur fabric.

You can make your own DIY faun pants or trousers by sewing together faux fur, using some existing pants as a template to work from or an actual sewing pattern.

Pajama pants can make a good option if looking for a suitable sewing pattern to use. Sewing with faux fur is not the easiest thing and I would not recommend it if you're not already good at sewing.

For a no-sew option use a hot glue gun or fabric glue to stick scrap pieces of fur fabric all over some dark colored pants until they are all covered. Cutting up pieces of faux fur will likely make a huge mess everywhere, you've been warned. You may just wish you'd bought some costume pants to wear instead.

❄️ 7: Goat Like Cloven Hooves

"From the waist upward he was like a man, but his legs were shaped like a goat's (the hair on them was glossy black) and instead of feet he had goat's hoofs." ~ C. S. Lewis

You can buy faun costume hooves to add to your costume. Most people will not really pay a huge amount of attention to your feet so, unless this is for cosplay where attention to detail really counts, I would not worry about getting the hooves as well.

Sometimes the costume legs will also come supplied with the hooves in which case it makes sense to use them if you can. Otherwise stick to some plain dark brown or black shoes that could work with the overall costume.

❄️ 8: Brown Paper Parcels

Sketch pencil drawing of Lucy Pevensie and Mr Tumnus the Narnia Faun from The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Image Credit: Shared by Helloluiza on Flickr with a CC License

"... in the other arm he carried several brown-paper parcels. What with the parcels and the snow it looked just as if he had been doing his Christmas shopping." ~ C. S. Lewis

One idea for a really easy accessory that you could add to your Mr Tumnus costume is to carry some brown paper parcels. The faun is carrying these when Lucy sees him and promptly drops them in the snow when he is shocked at seeing her.

Wrap an assortment of empty boxes in plain brown paper. The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe was set in the 1940s. At this point, we can imagine parcels being wrapped very simply with a natural brown jute or hemp cord.

To make it easier to carry several parcels as part of a costume (just as the book describes) consider sticking them all together using glue so if you happen to drop them, they can be picked up easily as one piece.

❄️ 9: Umbrella

"He was only a little taller than Lucy herself and he carried over his head an umbrella, white with snow." ~ C. S. Lewis

No description of the umbrella is given. However, a typical male umbrella of the period when the book was written would be a large black cloth umbrella with a solid, polished wood handle.

A traditional style umbrella certainly large enough for a faun to hold over the head of a Daughter of Eve, Lucy. This would make an easy costume accessory that you may find in a thrift shop or auction site to use if you don't already have one.

❄️ 10: Flute

Mr Tumnus flute prop from the movie The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe

Image Credit: Shared by HarshLight on Flickr with a CC License

A flute used by James McAvoy in The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe as part of a Walt Disney Archives display of Disney film, TV, and park music related memorabilia in the lobby of the Frank G. Wells Building where the Archives are housed.

"Then to cheer himself up he took out from its case on the dresser a strange little flute that looked as if it were made of straw and began to play." ~ C. S. Lewis

Although it is not said that the flute is magic, the description of how the music from the flute makes Lucy want to cry, laugh, dance and sleep - all at the same time - gives the suggestion that there is something magical about it.

The flute made for the movie version of The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, shown above, is not at all like the made of straw description from the book.

The movie version does look both magical and majestic. It is a Y shaped double flute which doesn't actually exist as a real, working musical instrument. If a flute did exist in this form, it would certainly not produce any beautiful sounding music. 

If you wanted to add a flute as a costume accessory, it would make sense to opt for a small wooden flute and maybe add on some cord to wear it around your neck. You could also paint or draw on some gold color swirls to make it appear more like something out of Narnia.

❄️ 11: Lucy's Handkerchief

"And even when Lucy went over and put her arms round him and lent him her handkerchief, he did not stop. He merely took the handkerchief and kept on using it, wringing it out with both hands whenever it got too wet to be any more use, so that presently Lucy was standing in a damp patch." ~ C. S. Lewis

Lucy gives Mr Tumnus her handkerchief when he starts crying. The faun asks if he can keep it when she goes back to the wardrobe and she lets him.

Although a handkerchief is not an essential part of a Mr Tumnus costume by any means. It could be a special little addition to your outfit that marks you out as having really understood this character. 

We know it is a white handkerchief from later in the book when Mr Beaver shows it as proof he is a friend to the Pevensie children. As an old-fashioned handkerchief, we might expect it to have some lace edging or trim to it. You could add the initials in a corner in a fabric pen, L.P. for Lucy Pevensie.

Enjoy Dressing Up as a Mr Tumnus Narnia Faun

Now you've read all about it, you should be able to put together a very cool looking Mr Tumnus costume. Change up the traditional idea by having a new twist on the character.

You could dress him in a cool coat with a vest underneath or have him wearing an ugly Christmas sweater since it is always winter but never Christmas in Narnia.

Mr Tumnus would be most ideal paired up with someone wearing a Lucy Pevensie costume. Also consider pairing him up with a Jadis, white witch.

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