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Zombie Yard Decorations for Halloween

Infect your outdoor space with a whole freaky zone by planting creepy outdoor statues and zombie yard decorations. Put them in places where your guests are sure to stumble upon them and then wish they hadn’t.

One of the very first things that you can do is to add in some bright yellow warning signs all around the entrance to your yard. This will warn guests or even trick or treaters that your garden is infested with these creatures. At least then they know what to expect ahead.

You can print off some appropriate signs from the Internet, make your own or buy posters and then laminate them so they last longer outside. Use caution tapes to barricade off specific areas before you get busy adding in some more yard decor ideas.

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Zombie Yard Decorations: First Put up Some Pretend Warning Signs

Fallout Shelter Warning Tin Metal Vintage Sign Reproduction

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Turn a shed, garage, porch or tent into a cool looking zombie apocalypse fallout shelter! Using a clever vintage look tin sign like this one means that you can quickly set up your very own fallout shelter. This could make use of any enclosed outdoor area such as a shed, garage, porch or even a simple black tent.

Danger Sign - ZOMBIE AREAForum Novelties Zombie Cat DecorationWhirligig Spinner - 20 In. ZombieDesign Toscano Harvest of Evil Zombie Scarecrow Garden Statue - Halloween Decoration

A fallout shelter requires some emergency supplies and also zombie hunting equipment too. Having a really aged looking shelter which is no longer going to be much use will just add to the fun.

You can add in some rusted tins of food, some yellowed water which guests can drink if it’s something like flavored juice, gas mask, creepy candles, first aid kit with only a few items left and weaponry props.

Deck the Yard with Large Zombie Figurines and Sculptures

There is a statue I've seen that if you look a little closer to see what a creepy looking Halloween bird is perched on. At a quick glance this may look like a Raven perched on top of a stump or fallen branch. But look a little closer and you realize that it’s actually something else that appears to be coming out of the dirt.

This indoor or outdoor statue should look great planted in a real patch of freshly dug earth to make it look as if one of the zombie creatures is rising up to greet you and your guests.

I also like the idea of positioning a statue like this in front of a Halloween tombstone so it appears though this one is busting out of a grave. As with any statues and sculptures, do check the sizing because they are often smaller than what you think they may be.

One of the best looking outdoor Halloween sculptures that I’ve seen is a pretend Zombie clawing in the earth.

It comes in 3 parts with the arms detached and you position this creature so that it appears as though he is coming out of the dirt. Plant him in a flower bed or half hide him in some bushes for a surprise.

More Zombie Yard Decoration Inspiration and Ideas

There are stacks of ideas with using fake zombie parts that you can ‘plant’ around your outdoor space. Hand and arm sculptures can come out of the dirt. Of course you can buy these but you can also make some items and props yourself.

Metal Zombie Hands

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How about making your own foot coming out of the ground? You need a sturdy branch or piece of bamboo cane. Pop a long sock over the top and stuff this with plastic bags or sacks or any old pieces of fabric.

Fit this filled sock into an old boot then plant it. You could plant it in a large pot and place it to the entrance of your home for fun. I’ve seen clawed hands coming out of plant pots and they look great.

Turn any old and unwanted fashion dolls or barbies into Zombie dolls. Paint them or spray them a lurid green and add some red spattered paint effects. With smaller dolls you can make garlands from them by tying string around their heads and hanging them around the yard.

Cemetery and tombstone props make eerie outdoor backdrops. Halloween tombstone props are easy to get hold of and they go fantastically well with a Walking Dead or zombie theme.

Nearer the time, look out for a Grim Reaper design with a charming Rest in Pieces motto on the front. Having a tombstone or a grave can be used in conjunction with a body part which is rising up out of the dirt in front of it.

Add in a Colorful Zombie Garden Flag

Toland Home Garden Zombie Zone 28 x 40 Inch Decorative USA-Produced House Flag

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Add in a garden flag which suits the theme of your outdoor decor. This one is really colorful and fun. With a full yellowed moon at the back behind some creepy trees and a throng of crazed creatures at the front.

Other flag ideas include warning signs. You could use fabric paint on white cloth to make up your own warning sign flag and even spray on stenciled words like: danger, keep out or contaminated area.

Zombie Yard Gnomes: Gruesome Looking Creatures for your Halloween Outdoor Decor

I love garden gnomes and you can now get a really fun range of those that have been zombified! They look really horrible but they make such a talking and conversation point for your garden and outdoor space too. This little guy I've seen looks like he is literally busting out of the earth. Hope he doesn’t go and infect your neighbors!

You could certainly plant a zombie gnome somewhere near your front door or porch and hope he has a chilling little effect on your Fall visitors that come by and especially any unwanted ones. Have fun choosing some cool decorations and check out the related posts below while you are here.

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