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Zombie sippers and shoes can make great gag items and gifts for your coworkers, friends and family and can also be just the thing to slip on as a costume accessory too come Halloween time.

I’ve hunted down some particularly horrid looking zombie feet slippers, shoes and other footwear that can make such a great talking point if you dare to actually slip them onto your feet.

Plush novelty slippers always make such a fun gift for the winter and Fall season especially. I enjoy getting a new pair of these as a gift most years. I always like to get hold of a cool looking pair of novelty slippers for warming my feet in the winter months.

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Plants Vs Zombies Punk Style Slippers Winter Warm Shoes

Get these One-Size Adult Plant vs Zombies Slippers from

UK Readers get some Zombie Slippers from

Arghh! Don’t let the zombies nip around your ankles. If you dare to put these zombie feet slippers on your feet, you could maybe risk getting infected and turning into one.

These gruesome looking plush slippers are designed for adults only in a one size fitting. You really wear these designs at your own risk, just kidding of course.

So when I saw these fun plush zombie slippers made for adult-sized feet, I knew I’d found another great looking pair. The design, which was and may still be available at ThinkGeek, is fun.

The slippers look like a pair of Zombies are nipping around your ankles. The rather horrid looking mouths are the areas where you slip your feet in, should you dare!

I love the eyes which are fun additions and the hair on the tops of their heads. So much thought has gone into the making of these fictional creatures.

Even the little ears sticking out are fun to look at. These look great as a bit of a gruesome gag gift for fans of the undead or to pop on for an indoor Halloween event to add to a themed costume. Just don’t dare look down or you’ll give yourself quite a bit of a fright.

There are other rather bright and lurid green designs which are very similar in style. They are shaped like a pair of ugly heads with furry style hair which you’ll probably enjoy stroking.

Do you even dare to slip them on to your feet? You’ll likely have worries every time you look down and see what’s around your ankles. And your feet should end up being quite the talking point.

zombie crochet slippers

Buy some Crochet Zombie Slippers from EternalLightShop on Etsy

You can also get zombie flip flops, many of which come in a large men’s sizing although other sizes are available if you look. You’ll want to check that sizing info on the product page. However they are a really fun looking item with yellowing toe nails and more.

Get yourself some really striking zombie flip flops for your beach ready feet. These could be just the perfect gag gift for someone with some suitably rotting and stinky feet.

Any fan is sure to love them. They make rather unique wear for the beach, pool and around the home. Make sure no other Walking Dead fans and Zombie hunters walk off with them though.

Iron Fist Womens Zombie Stomper Platform Dress Pump

Get these Zombie Theme Heeled Shoes

These high heel shoes are pretty eye catching and you'd think they are bound to attract comment from passing zombie fans. They are in a gross out green teamed with black, white and a darker shade of blood red.

If you collect shoes, these ones look pretty awesome to add into that fashion collection. I love the fun bow detail at the back and on the bottom of the sole is an eye.

As well as heels, you can also get zombie shoes for sale in flats and other heel designs as part of the Stomper Iron Fist range. These come in cute flat ballet pumps, hi top sneakers, fugg boots, Oxford creepers, toe thongs and different colored high heel platforms. So if you like the design above but don’t wear heels then why not check out the rest of the range instead.

If you want an accessory to match up with some slippers or shoes, how about some fun and novelty socks. You can get some zombie design socks which look like great fun, including women's knee high versions. The sillier and the wackier the designs are, the better. Nothing like having a fun pair of novelty designs to show off on your feet.

I saw a pair of socks with some white skeleton bones peeking out of the design and a spider on the heel. These look great for Halloween or just for a fun wear. There are matching pairs available for men as well. Will you be daring to wear any of these or getting these as a gift for someone else to enjoy.

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