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Female Hobbit Costume Ideas and Info

A female Hobbit costume is a great idea for women fantasy fans to wear for Halloween and also cosplay. Even if you are searching for information for theatrical purposes, this is a great page to start with.

Discover how you can dress just like a female Shire Halfling character very easily. There are some easy methods to use and this resource shows you how the basic outfit should be worn as well as making sure you get the right look and styling for your hair, cosmetics and all the other accessories.

There's loads of great ideas on this page to help you, as well as resources and inspiration. Everything you need to help you get started on successfully creating this Middle Earth character.

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What Should a Female Hobbit Costume Look Like?

Female Hobbit Costume Ideas and Info Woman Cosplay Halloween Bilo Baggins Frodo Sword

This is actually a female version of Bilbo Baggins. It is also a great hobbit look for a woman, except for the sword and neck sash.

These fantasy females would not normally use swords because, living in the quiet and rural Shire, they'd simply have no need of weapons. Bilbo only acquired a sword because he went off on an adventure.

Image Credit: Shared by greyloch on Flickr with a CC License

Let's find out how you should go about getting an exact style for your Halloween or cosplay costume.

Firstly, if you're a woman who wishes to dress as a male character of this Tolkien created species, such as Frodo or Bilbo Baggins, you can refer to my detailed and extensive page here and apply the same ideas: Male Hobbit Costume Guide

The main female Hobbit is Rosie Cotton. Rosie ends up marrying Frodo's loyal friend and companion, Samwise Gamgee.

Rosie Cotton is one of the few females written about and filmed for this fantasy world, so I've based the look on what she wears. You should also take a look at the very beginning of An Unexpected Journey for inspiration of your own.

The ideas on this page really stem from creating that Rosie Cotton look. The Lord of the Rings movies show a close resemblance to a Renaissance peasant costume for women or even a toned-down tavern wench style.

What do Female Hobbits Wear?

Simplicity 1771 Misses and Mens Costume A 8 18 XS XL

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Renaissance and colonial costumes are fairly close looks for this Middle Earth styling. Hobbit females look fairly demure and innocent so they will not be showing off a lot of flesh or wearing anything too risque. Look for colors as opposed to black or dark gray fabrics.

Sewing Pattern for Female Hobbit Costumes

I have listed this Simplicity sewing pattern but, as with following any large sewing pattern, it can help to make a mock up of the costume with inexpensive fabric first in case you need to make adjustments with the pattern.

Also Get This Hobbit Sewing Pattern on Etsy

NOTE: This pattern has the right styling shown on the cover although it is not a sewing pattern that I have personally tried and tested.

This is the Simplicity Pattern #1771 which I've located on etsy and it can also be found on eBay. This sewing pattern contains a printed design for a Lord of the Rings style of dress, an apron and a travel or adventure cloak for Halloween or cosplay.

Tolkien tells us that these creatures liked to wear bright colors. The movie versions, however, have stuck to using rather muted looking colors such as woodland greens, burgundy reds and mustard yellows.

These shades all look as though they could have been dyed using natural colors. Most people will associate Hobbits more with the muted color palette seen in the movies rather than the bright colors that Tolkien describes.

Step 1: Putting Together Your Own Cosplay Hobbit Woman Outfit

Renaissance women ladies costume cosplay Halloween

Lose the hats and add higher necklines with the white blouses underneath the bodices. These outfits then become a close match for a female Hobbit costume that can be worn for cosplay and Halloween.

Image Credit: Original image shared by Mitaukano on Pixabay with a CC License

Start with a simple white peasant blouse to wear as your top. For a top, the ladies wear a renaissance style chemise or peasant blouse.

These tops would normally have short puffy sleeves in summer months and these sleeves would be no further than the elbow in length.

White Peasant Blouse with short puffed sleevesWhite Peasant Blouse with short puffed sleevesBlouse Only - Renaissance Civil War Victorian Southern Belle LARP Cosplay Pioneer - White Short Sleeve Peasant Top Shirt BlouseBlouse Only - Renaissance Civil War Victorian Southern Belle LARP Cosplay Pioneer - White Short Sleeve Peasant Top Shirt Blouse


Peasant blouses are easy to find but ones with shorter sleeves are not as readily available. In this case, you could shorten the sleeves by sewing them or tying them up, or just wear them long instead. It will still give the right look overall.

The blouse or top has a gathered and rounded neckline to it and the shoulders are covered over and not left bare. Hobbits women are demure and traditional with their fashions so off the shoulder is a definite no.

White is a great choice for your top although other earthy colors such as creams, natural look greens and browns would also make a good choice.

Renaissance Costume Reversible Pirate Wench Bodice Corset Top Burgundy / Black

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Female hobbits wear a bodice over the top of their puffy blouses or tops. The bodice is normally in a plain type of fabric such as cotton (a natural fabric rather than a synthetic one) and they can come in a variety of pretty colors such as creams, browns, greens, reds and blues.

Renaissance Festival Corset Bodice-your choice any color front and back lacing Ren Faire Costume Wench Bodice made to measure in custom sizeRenaissance Festival Corset Bodice-your choice any color front and back lacing Ren Faire Costume Wench Bodice made to measure in custom sizeCustom Renaissance Bodice, Kirtle, Dirndl with Boning ~ CadeCustom Renaissance Bodice, Kirtle, Dirndl with Boning ~ Cade


The main color of the bodice will normally be an exact or a similar color match to the skirt section. The bodice does not cut underneath the bust but goes over it.

Many are show to lace up at the back although these kind are rather difficult to find commercially. A frontal lace up bodice should be fine.

Gold Peasant Skirt

Get a Peasant Costume Skirt from Amazon.com

This peasant style skirt shows the type of skirt that you should be looking for when you create your costume. It should be a very simple skirt design, gathered in at the waist.

In The Lord of the Rings movies, the females are shown wearing skirts that don't reach the floor. The skirts normally come midway between the feet and the knees. It was done this way in the movies, I believe, so we could really notice the feet right at the bottom.

Add on a simple pioneer or colonial apron. Lady Hobbits wear a simple apron over the top of the main skirt. This is a long apron, not quite as long as the skirt, and it starts from the waist.

You're looking for an apron which only has a bottom section from the waist down and not a top which covers the bodice. Choose a natural looking color that works with the rest of your outfit. It will look more in keeping if it does not have pockets.

Step 2: Hairy Female Hobbit Feet

These fantasy characters do not wear shoes. They have no need of shoes because their feet grow tough and thick on the soles which enables them to walk for miles with ease. Please don't make the mistake of wearing modern footwear as it will really ruin your costume.

⭐ You can find lots of information on how you can make your own hairy feet, ladies feet are hairy too. Alternatively you can buy your own costume Hobbit shoes or slippers to wear instead. You'll get all the information you need on my Hobbit Feet Guide.

Hobbits do not wear shoes, not even the females. If you wear shoes with your costume, you'll be getting it totally wrong. You don't need to have bare feet though because there are ways of making your feet appear bare while actually keeping them covered.

Step 3: Girl Hobbit Hairstyles

Halfling ladies and girls usually have very pronounced curly or wavy long hair. This hair will be in natural shades and colors. If there are any bangs then these will also be curly. You're looking for quite a tight curl on your own hair or by using a wig.

Find some images of Rosie Cotton here to emulate. The video above has lots of movie stills for you to see this lady and what she looks like.

Step 4: Hobbits have Slightly Pointy Ears

Aradani Costumes Halfling / Elf Ears - Ear Tips

Buy some Ear Tips for Your Costume from Amazon.com

UK Readers get a Hobbit Ears from Amazon.co.uk

Hobbit ears are ever so slightly pointy, a little like Tolkien elves. You'll notice that in The Lord of the Rings movies they were often designed to peek out of a bushy and full head of curly hair.

You can achieve the look of these ears by using some small Elven ear tips and sticking them in place with some spirit gum or liquid latex: spirit gum is used to attach costume ears.

For Halloween, cosplay and theatrical use, spirit gum is often used to attach items such as fake ears, noses and beards to your own skin. Plain, pointy Tolkien style elf ear tips are what you should look for to complete your costume. If you do not wish to wear costume ears then you should let your hair cover them over completely.

female woman womens hobbit costume guide

Image Credit: Original image shared by yanjing on Pixabay with a CC License

If you've read all or some of the popular Tolkien books, The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, you'll know that there is very little which is actually written about women at all.

The most significant female Hobbit is Rosie Cotton who goes on to marry her Sam, Samwise Gamgee, when he returns from his long and arduous adventure with Frodo Baggins.

These halfling creatures don't drape themselves in jewels or artificial adornments. Rosie Cotton, on her wedding to Sam, wore a simple head circlet made from flowers. These would have been made with whatever flowers were grown locally. Have fun dressing as this character for Halloween or cosplay.

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James Hennigan

Hi. I'm the photographer for the lead-in image.

First, thank you for re-posting my photo of Sin'dorei Costuming with credit and a link back to the source image. Second, some of your information is a bit off and should be clarified. She is not dressed up as a generic female from "The Hobbit" or "Lord of the Rings" movies but is an Internet Rule 63 (a.k.a. gender-switched) version of Bilbo Baggins, hence her cravat and sword (a top-notch prop of "Sting" that made sounds and had a faint blue glow), were quite accurate and on point.

Again, thank you for choosing to use one of my photographs for your article.



Thank you, James, for the clarification. I'd never even heard of Rule 63 even though I've dressed up as female versions of typical male characters myself. I'm very glad you pointed this out and also added the extra details on your brilliant photograph.

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