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You'll discover some great Lord of the Rings and Hobbit costume jewelry items here along with some facts about each one. Jewelry items based on the movies and books by J.R.R Tolkien are great to wear with a costume for Halloween or cosplay and even to give as a gift to fans.

Something that most people will recognize is the One Ring. This ring is the one, key item that spans the entire story from The Hobbit and through The Lord of the Rings. The story of this ring really starts from when Bilbo Baggins takes it from the creature Gollum and uses it in his own adventures before passing it down to his younger cousin Frodo.

This One Ring is featured in both the book and movie versions and is often worn along with Hobbit costumes as a necklace or keychain. There are, however, many other unique designs of jewelry which you can wear and enjoy.

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Wear Some Beautiful Fantasy Lord of the Rings and Hobbit Jewelry

gold color one ring on written page book the Lord of the Rings Tolkien

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The most iconic symbol belonging to The Lord of the Rings and Hobbit books and films is that of the One Ring. This magical item is found, or acquired, by Bilbo Baggins in the chapter: Riddles in the Dark.

The ring helps Bilbo to escape from the creature Gollum and also aids him at other points in his adventure. There are many other iconic jewelry items based on this fantasy adventure: here's my favorites.

Bilbo Baggin's Bag End Door Jewelry

REINDEAR Hobbit Lord of the Rings Locket Shire Movable Door Pendant Necklace US SELLER

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I love the styling of these fun green Hobbit door necklaces. You can get different sorts but I think this one is cute because of the hinged door which opens up. So this one works as a locket and has a magnet keeping it closed.

As fans know, the Hobbit door should be perfectly round and the handle should be right in the very middle. That aside, it's still a really cute looking item. It's just so very magical.

You can get some very expensive bronze, silver and gold hobbit door necklaces which are more authentic.The bronze one more closely resembles the actual Bag End door to the Hobbit hole home owned first by Bilbo and then Frodo Baggins.

Hobbit Locket Necklace Middle Earth

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I'm a big fan of the popular fantasy literature by J.R.R. Tolkien and how well the Lord of the Rings books at least have been well adapted for the movies by Peter Jackson.

In Middle Earth, Hobbits live in holes in the ground, although they bear little resemblance to what we would think of as a hole. They're actually very spacious and homely.

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The door to the Hobbit home is the iconic symbol of the book by the same name. Tolkien describes the home of the most famous Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins, very well in chapter 1 of his book: An Unexpected Party.

The description is of a type of underground mansion which is full of lots of very comfortable and well-furnished rooms, stacks of food and lots of home comforts. You enter this home by this amazing round door which is painted green with a yellow brass door knob right in the middle.

Lord of The Rings Hobbit Legend Inspired sword Pendant Chain Necklace Ornaments AccessoriesTHE HOBBIT Bilbo Baggins Button Acorn Leather PendantTungsten Carbide One Ring Black Lord of the Rings Laser Pattern High PolishedPewter Lost Key of Erebor Pendant Hobbit Jewelry Necklace

Once you read about this charming description of a Hobbit home, it was hard to think of much else. This delightful fantasy house was something that Bilbo Baggins longed to return to during his amazing and difficult adventures. He always thought back to his comfortable home and sitting by the fire in comfort.

Bilbo drew great strength from his longing to return to home and it gave him courage when he really needed it most. Tolkien got how the word home can mean something very powerful to all of us.

We want to belong somewhere and have some place that we can call our own. That's why the door is an incredibly important symbol. For a Tolkien fan, it makes a special piece of keepsake jewelry to treasure forever.

The Hobbit Dwarf Thorin Oakenshield's Thrór's Key

Sterling Silver Thror's Key Necklace Pendant - The Hobbit

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This dwarven key is a special motif in the story which begins with the first movie: An Unexpected Journey. It is the key that gives Thorin the dwarf prince and his followers a way to claim back their stolen treasure and long lost home from Smaug the dragon. This key is an iconic symbol of the story and, because of this, makes an ideal gift for a fan of the Tolkien dwarves in particular.

In the first movie, An Unexpected Journey, we discover that Gandalf the wise wizard has kept a key safe for the Dwarven leader, Thorin. This key is called Thrór's Key because it belonged to Thrór who was Thorin's grandfather.

The key is of vital importance in the story of The Hobbit because it is the only way to gain entrance via a secret door into the Lonely Mountain where Smaug lives.

The mountain is where the dwarves long ago lived and stored all their treasures. It is where the dwarves once called home and the mountain is also known as Erebor.

Unfortunately the dragon, Smaug, attacked the Lonely Mountain and claimed all the Dwarven treasures as his own, thus stealing their home too. Just as the Bag End door symbolizes home to a Hobbit, Thrór's Key symbolizes home to a dwarf. The key symbolizes the hope to Thorin of regaining the home that he once loved and lost.

Bilbo made it his mission to help Thorin on his quest to take back his home even though he was longing to go back to his own comfortable Hole back in Hobbiton. He understood just how powerful the lure of having somewhere that you belong truly is.

The One Ring of Power

An Unexpected Journey One Ring Beautiful Keepsake Item for a Fan of the Movies

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This tungsten ring comes in a variety of sizes to choose from. It has a gold color, just like the one in the movies, and the Elvish inscriptions around it. I think this would make a great piece of costume jewelry to wear as part of a Bilbo or Frodo Baggins costume.

This is the ring in the style as coveted by Bilbo Baggins and the creature Gollum in The Hobbit and Frodo Baggins in The Lord of the Rings. The lure of the One Ring held dark and powerful magic that possessed its wearers until they were slaves to its will.

Bilbo probably viewed the ring as some kind of good luck charm because of all the help it gave him. However, we start to see in The Lord of the Rings that the ring is not a good luck charm at all.

The ring actually becomes a curse that Frodo Baggins has to bear on his quest to rid the land from Saruman the evil necromancer and the watchful eye of Sauron. The ring enslaves Frodo and he is never free from the grip it holds over him, even years after the ring is destroyed.

Although this is the most popular jewelry motif that Tolkien fans wear, it perhaps should not be because of all the evil associations with it. But it is certainly highly recognized and that really counts. Though it is a ring, you see it most often on a chain and also worn as a necklace because this is how Frodo Baggins wore it through the Lord of the Rings.

The Arkenstone Jewelry

Sterling Silver the Arkenstone TM Officially Licensed Lord of the Rings TM Necklace

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The Arkenstone was an heirloom treasure that belonged to the Dwarf, Thorin and the line of the Kings of Durin's Folk. It was a treasure that could not be surpassed in beauty. An amazing muti-faced jewel that sparkled like the brightest star in the sky.

This amazing heirloom was lost to Thorin and his ancestors when Smaug the dragon destroyed their home and claimed the Lonely Mountain and all its treasure, including the Arkenstone, as his own.

Clearly Thorin was keen to get the Arkenstone back. Unfortunately for Thorin, someone else gets to the precious stone gem first. If you want to find out who that was, you should read the book. The book by J.R.R. Tolkien was originally published in September of 1937, and has been released as 3 movies called An Unexpected Journey, The Desolation of Smaug and The Battle of the Five Armies. Have fun choosing a cool piece of Hobbit jewelry.

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