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Gollum Halloween Costume and Fancy Dress Guide

Want to dress up in a Smeagol or Gollum Halloween costume, my precious. Get exactly what you need here plus lots of great ideas for looking just like this poor and pitiful creature from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies.

This look will be a pretty scary one for Halloween, cosplay or even a Tolkien fan get-together. A Gollum fancy dress will ensure an outfit idea that really gets you noticed.

The poor creature who originated in the story of The Hobbit is particularly ugly and gruesome to look at. You can get all the items and essentials that you need via this page to make a highly convincing Gollum character.

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Step 1: Gollum Halloween Costume. A Good Mask is the Must Have Item

Gollum Halloween Costume and Fancy Dress Guide Learn how to dress up as Smeagol from The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit Cosplay Tolkien

A great example of how to dress as Gollum. The mask is absolutely essential to the look. I also love how they've used a custom tight fit bodysuit to convey his ravaged flesh.

Image Credit: Shared by Eli Duke on Flickr with a CC License

Use the ideas given here on this Gollum Halloween costume page to put together your very own brilliant looking outfit in just 5 quick and easy steps.

🎃 The key piece of your costume will be in getting yourself a convincing mask because no one could actually look as terrible as this poor creature does. So do yourself a big favor and get a mask for your Gollum Lord of the Rings costume.

It is rather doubtful that anyone could really look even remotely like this pretty sad and ugly creature. The Smeagol / Gollum character has a wrinkled and wizened old face.

This sad creature has the odd strand of long and greasy gray hair. His teeth are rotting and also razor sharp. He also has some pointy and Hobbit like ears and some very startling bright blue bulbous eyes.

Gollum hobbit costume mask Lord of the Rings

View this Lord of the Rings Gollum Mask on

UK Readers get a Gollum Mask from

If you don't want to have to buy an actual mask for this character, why not search for a large image of Gollum's face online and then print it out onto some card. You can then cut around the shape of the face and punch some holes either side to string through some elastic.

Latex full-head mask Gollum Hobbit Lord of the RingsKing Will MAGIC 7mm Titanium Ring Gold Plated Lord of Ring Comfort Fit Wedding Band For Men Women

Using this DIY idea, you can wear a mask which is made quite simply from card. This idea is very simple to make and has almost no price attached. It could also be a good alternative for those who have latex allergies.

An alternative suggestion is to use some clever face paint to create his look. I've included a video on how to do Gollum makeup further down in step 5 of this article for you.

Once you've got your actual face sorted for this character, the rest of the Gollum fancy dress outfit or costume that you need to put together is luckily very easy. Let me explain exactly how.

Step 2: How to Dress as Gollum. What Should You Wear?

How to Dress as Gollum for Halloween, Cosplay and Fancy Dress

Image Credit: Shared by Brian Timmermeister on Flickr with a CC License

This character is always depicted as nearly naked in The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movies. The only thing he actually wears is a tatty brown loincloth.

This bit of brown fabric is the only thing protecting this unfortunate creature's modesty. It is rather reminiscent of what most people associate with a caveman style of dress except that this loincloth is plain brown rather than having any animal print on it.

To protect your own modesty, maybe a bit more than this sorry creature does, you could just wear some plain brown sportswear shorts.

A Nude Bodysuit Works Well for Dressing Like Gollum

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You can find a simple and plain sports style of shorts which have no pockets or any other detailing. Once you've got some shorts, you can chop them around the bottom edges to give them a jagged look which would work for this character completely.

If you're brave enough, you could just wear a brown and tattered loincloth. Look for a plain brown Tarzan style loin cloth that would work. An alternative is to get yourself a flesh or nude color Lycra bodysuit to cover yourself up (and keep warm!) and then put a loin cloth on top.

You can additionally stain the bodysuit to look like you've been hidden in a deep cave in the Misty Mountains for many years just as he was.

Step 3: You Need Bare Feet for a Gollum Lord of the Rings Costume

Gollum costumes complete guide page

Image Credit: Original image shared by Vlynn on Pixabay with a CC License

Gollum has bare feet in all the movies. He doesn't wear any shoes or sandals on his feet. This makes sense because he is actually a form of Hobbit and they don't wear shoes either. For this reason, I would refer to my Hobbit feet guide which explains different ways to get that exact no shoe look.

For your choice of outfit, it may not be sensible to wear no footwear and especially if you are going outdoors.

Perhaps choose something very plain like some skin tone canvas shoes or pumps. You can always buy white ones and then use spray paint or acrylic paint on top to get a flesh color for them.

Another idea is to get some bare feet slippers which make it look as if you're wearing no footwear. Smeagol, as he was originally known, was actually a breed of Hobbit before his nature was completely changed by the evil power of the One Ring.

So you could buy Hobbit feet that should also work if they don't have too much hair on them.

Step 4: Gollum Costume Accessories and Items

Three Keys Jewelry Lord Of The Rings Style Tungsten Carbide Gold Ring Gollum costumes

Buy a Tungsten Carbide Gold Color One Ring from

UK Readers get a One Ring from

We never actually see this unfortunate creature wearing the One Ring which he craves so much in The Lord of the Rings movies. However, he does have the ring (minus the chain) in The Hobbit.

The ring is then taken from him by Bilbo Baggins. Goluum snatches back the ring and holds it between his thumb and forefinger at the end of The Return of the King from Frodo Baggins.

While the One Ring is very much associated with this character, it isn't actually a necessary accessory for him. One costume accessory that would be perfect is a pretend piece of raw fish because this is exactly what he loves to eat. You could have it held between your mouth.

Step 5: Gollum's Costume Make Up Tutorial Video and Suggestions

If you don't buy or make a mask for this character then you've got your work cut out for you on the makeup side of things.

It is a little hard trying to get the look just right. As you can see from the video, it takes a bit of extensive makeup to pull off a creature that looks quite so loathsome as this one.

Gollum Halloween Costume and Fancy Dress Halloween Guide Smeagol Lord of the Rings The Hobbit Cosplay LOTR

Image Credit: cropped and text added. Shared by Eli Duke on Flickr with a CC License

Some fake rotten teeth at least would set you on your way to looking just a little bit like him. They are great fun for Halloween and perhaps you could also use rotten teeth for another gruesome outfit.

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