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Here's a wonderful selection of Magnificent Maleficent girls costume for Halloween suggestions on this page. Kids can wear these bewitching gowns and have fun dressing up in them. All they need to decide is whether to opt for the good side, or the bad.

After watching the wonderful Disney movie numerous times, my little girl definitely wants to dress up as the evil fairy queen this Halloween. Angelina Jolie made a fantastic bad witch sorceress character with her dark black outfits which are perfect for the spook time season.

My daughter also loves the very sweet and girly dressing up clothes and gowns worn by Sleeping Beauty herself, otherwise known as Princess Aurora. Choose from either of these looks on this page.

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A Truly Maleficent Girls Costume for Halloween and Dressing Up Occasions

Maleficent Girls Costume for Halloween Girl Dress Costume Sleeping Beauty Movie outfit Fancy dress dressing up

Image Credit: original image cropped and text added. Shared by Julie Corsi on Flickr with a CC License

Different to the magical 1959 animated version is the big change from Aurora's signature pink ball gown. The new movie shifts away from that iconic pink styling to give us two main looks.

The main look for our young princess is a blue dress which is very much a medieval styled gown with the way the attached belt drapes down and the widening sleeves. The Sleeping Beauty character who is played to sweet perfection by the young actress, Elle Fanning.

Black Christening Gown Kids maleficent costume child

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While there are some sweet ideas for princess Aurora costumes shown further below, many girls might well prefer a fun take on the bad side of the Sleeping Beauty story with this outfit that comes complete with a horned headband as well.


This one is probably a great idea for girls wanting to move away from the more traditional and girly princess style dress designs and on to something just a bit more grown up.

Maleficent Tutu Dress girls black purple costume Halloween

Angelina Jolie plays the evil fairy queen, and a really convincing one at that, and this fresh take on what she wears emphasizes the important aspects which are namely the curled horns, the high collar and the sweeping black sleeves and robe.

You could team this outfit up with some pink Doctor Martens style boots to give it a really unique look. That should really add to the fresh and fun aspect of it all for this kids Maleficent costume.

Disguise Disney Maleficent Movie Christening Black Gown Girls Deluxe Costume, Medium/7-8Disguise Disney Maleficent Movie Christening Black Gown Girls Deluxe Costume, Medium/7-8Maleficent Inspired tutu dress, Halloween tutu costumeMaleficent Inspired tutu dress, Halloween tutu costumeDisguise Disney Maleficent Movie Black Gown Tween Deluxe Costume, X-Large/14-16Disguise Disney Maleficent Movie Black Gown Tween Deluxe Costume, X-Large/14-16Black Fashion Wings (TM) Children's Black Butterfly Style Costume Feather Angel WingsBlack Fashion Wings (TM) Children's Black Butterfly Style Costume Feather Angel Wings


The evil Maleficent queen wears lots of black, sometimes as a long robe and at another point as a slinky pant or trouser suit. That is very easy to recreate just by wearing black clothes.

A sweeping cape or cloak would really add to the dramatic style with real flair. A red lipstick is also key to getting the whole style down perfectly.

Choose your Options Young Maleficent Inspired costume Wings, Horns 3D Printed Dress and Accessories girls size 4t-14

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This costume is based on the young Maleficent before she turned bad. Her young outfit is in softer brown tones and all natural colors that you would expect to see in an earthy forest.

Girls Maleficent Costume Accessories for this Bad Fairy

Maleficent Costume Accessories black wings staff horns headpiece

Image Credit: Shared by jencu on Flickr with a CC License

If you are particularly keen on putting together your own unique girl's costume for the evil queen, it would be fairly easy to do this so long as you get a few key components or features of this character right.

The Magical Staff

One suggestion is with buying a Maleficent staff since this is used by Angelina's evil fairy character in the Disney movie.

It looks like a wizened and twisted wood staff with a glass orb at the top which is partially encased by pieces of the wood. This is an accessory that can be fun for kids to walk about with.

The Dramatic Black Horns

NEWLY IMPROVED Young Maleficent Inspired 9.5 inch Horns 3D Printed Suitable for kids and adults comic-con

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The main thing you'd need as her standout feature are her dramatic black curved horns. I have seen people attempt to make these but the shape is not one that is all that easy to replicate unfortunately. You could certainly make them using a papier mache technique and spray paint them black but it would be quite a job.

A three dimensional horned headpiece is really easier to buy unless you love making things. Several versions of Maleficent horns and headpieces are available but it is hard to find kids ones available as separate accessories.

I recommend looking on Etsy for Maleficent horns for kids. Etsy has items available for lots of different countries.

young maleficent fairy costume

Image Credit: Shared by Marakama on Flickr with a CC License

Some styles are available as caps or full headpieces worn over the hair while others are more in the style of headbands with a pair of horns on top.

I think the style that you opt for depends on how the child wants to wear their hair. Obviously a headband will allow for more hairstyle options than a whole headpiece which covers the main part of the head.

How to Make an Easy Horned Maleficent Headband for a Child

Another dramatic element of the clothing for this character are the very high and flared black collars. The children's version of the horned headpiece actually comes with a collar provided.

This would be a fairly easy make from some stiff black fabric cut into shape. You would then fasten it around the neck with a simple collar piece and some velcro or a popper to keep it in place.

Black Maleficent Costume Child Wings

Young Maleficent girls Halloween costume outfit cosplay winged

Image Credit: Shared by marakma on Flickr with a CC License

Should your young Maleficent wear wings or not? Well, without wanting to give the story away in case you've not yet seen it, I can tell you that most of the time the grown-up evil queen does not have wings.

So there is not a right or wrong way to go by having the wings or not having them with a Maleficent kids costume.

In her adult form, the wings are largely worn with a tight fitting black pant trouser ensemble rather than with a robe or dress.

Wings are very much fun for kids though so you can bet most girls would enjoy having this option. The wings on this bad fairy are feathered like bird wings.

Black feather wings child size

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My little girl loves wings with things so I think we will opt to use them for her Halloween trick or treating get-up.

I think since they add a lot, we can get away with using a simple black t-shirt and pants so long as we get the horns too. Perhaps the addition of a little tutu to make it look just a bit more unique and funky!

Of course the wings would also work if she wants to dress up as Diaval which is the familiar raven changeling which also assumes both human and dragon form. Turn her into a beautiful raven bird with a simple black outfit and wings on top. You can purchase a raven or crow eye mask which would look really fabulous.

Sleeping Beauty Princess Aurora Maleficent Costume for a Child

Sleeping beauty blue dress for girls child maleficent Halloween costume kids

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You just get the dress itself with this purchase so, to make it more authentic to the part, make sure to have long loosely curled golden hair, using a wig if necessary.

There is an official one available that you can use or you can look for a loose curl long blonde cosplay wig or even some clip in hair extensions. Teamed up with a gold color pair of shoes, sandals or ballet pumps, this outfit should look very pretty indeed and eye catching.

Disguise Disney Maleficent Movie Aurora Girls Blue Dress Deluxe Costume, Large/10-12Disguise Disney Maleficent Movie Aurora Girls Blue Dress Deluxe Costume, Large/10-12Sleeping Beauty Princess Dress | Renaissance Fair | Disney Princess Costume | Kids Cosplay | Maleficent | Aurora Dress | Briar Rose DressSleeping Beauty Princess Dress | Renaissance Fair | Disney Princess Costume | Kids Cosplay | Maleficent | Aurora Dress | Briar Rose DressDisney Princess Sleeping Beauty Aurora Child WigDisney Princess Sleeping Beauty Aurora Child WigMaleficent Aurora Coronation Dress Costume Gold ColorMaleficent Aurora Coronation Dress Costume Gold Color


Much of the set of this film has actually used the medieval era as inspiration for backdrops, garments and scenery. Modeled on the styling of Aurora's dress in the film, it's a pretty pale blue shade.

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It has glitter gold detailing around the collar, wide cuffs, hem and faux belt sash. It looks pretty enough to make someone feel like a real little princess.

Elle does not wear any big adornments or jewelry with this style of dress and her make up is kept pretty natural and minimal to emphasize her sweetness and her innocence as a young girl.

It is that placed next to the very striking image of the evil fairy queen which makes for a more powerful punch visually when you see it being played out by the characters.

Since the blue version is going to be so recognizable from the media images, it makes for a good choice. However my favorite pick for Aurora is to opt for the more special offering below.

Maleficent Child Costume: Gold Color Special Princess Coronation Gown

Princess aurora sleeping beauty gold dress costume

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The golden look is this one and while the blue choice is nice enough, it just doesn't compare at all when you have a golden option to pick from instead. This official Disney outfit is such a pretty looking dressing-up design with ornate pale pink flower and vine designs worked in glitter down the front of the dress.

A golden pair of shoes are going to be a real must to go along with this outfit and, if you want to go the extra mile, there are a pair of simply beautiful golden shoes that are an official Disney item that you can buy. Otherwise a pair of sandals or golden color ballet pumps would make a good choice here.

Because this is a coronation gown, it makes complete sense to also get hold of Aurora's Golden Tiara so she can be crowned as well. A tiara would make a beautiful accessory.

Maleficent costumes child girls

Image Credit: Original images shared by Clker-Free-Vector-Images and PublicDomainPictures on Pixabay with a CC License

Of course you could buy a different tiara instead to the official version, any gold color one would work well. Or you could even make your own from gold colored shiny cardstock and then add on a few flat-backed sticky gems. Turn it into a kid's craft project for fun.

If money is of no real issue or you have more to spend for a special occasion or outing, there is a stunning Aurora Deluxe Costume dress which is a rather luxury looking outfit.

It is made with lace, chiffon and satin and has lots of detailed trimmings including flowers and ruffles. It's more than a bit over our price range for a normal Halloween or dressing-up costume but as a special splurge it really does look adorable.

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