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What adorable outfits snow angel costumes can make for a little girl to wear this winter season. Your little angel should look so beautiful, angelic and sweet dressed up in a pretty white outfit with a pair of wings and a halo to match.

The snow angel theme is a really cute choice of winter outfit. Young girls especially can look super sweet dressed up all in white to match with the natural colors of ice and snow.

Luckily, you don't need an entire costume since you can shop for a pretty white dress as a separate buy and then add on some wings and a halo to work with the scheme. You've then got a beautiful winter theme dressing up outfit.

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Snow Angel Costumes Make Magical Fantasy Style Outfits for Girls to Wear this Winter Season

Snow Angel costumes for a child kids girl white dresses outfits for a winter party Christmas and Halloween

Image Credit: Original image shared by candid_crystal on Pixabay with a CC License

A Snow Angel costume is a great choice of outfit especially for a winter or seasonal Holiday party occasion. It also works for Halloween where your little one will stand out dressed all in winter white.

As you can imagine, a snow angel outfit also looks wonderful for a special photo shoot with any little girl looking wonderfully angelic for the occasion.

Silver Silvery Snow angel costume set children kids different sizes

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You can also create your very own themed outfit by choosing a white party dress, a halo headband and some white wings. All these are items which you can purchase separately as needed.

Alternatively, why not have a go at making your own design so she can wear something really unique. This is an adorable choice of outfit theme that many little girls really love to dress up in, I know mine does.

Rubies Rosebud Angel Child Costume, Medium, One Color

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I love the look of this winter themed, dressing up angel costume for a little girl to wear. It has the look I think is needed for a snow angel because of the white faux fur trim on the dress, wings and halo.

The quilted bodice design on the dress also gives it more of a winter theme appearance with just the right amount of added sparkle.

California Costumes Sweet Little Angel Costume Kids GirlsPremium Angel Annabelle Costume Girls Kids Child SizeFashionWings (TM) Girls Kids Child Children's White Butterfly Style Costume Feather Snow Angel WingsKids Girls Elegant Starlight Snowflake Fairy Angel Halloween Costume Dress up and Role Play

The set shown here does state that it comes complete with the white angel dress, a halo headpiece and some white wings trimmed with faux fur. However, I would always check first on what is included exactly with the individual seller before making a purchase. It comes in a range of child sizes to work from toddler to teens.

Suggestions for Snow Angel Shoes and Footwear

Whenever my little girl dresses up for a party or event, I normally give her ballet slippers with elastic over the front to keep them from slipping off her tiny feet.

Ballet slippers are ideal for indoor play and look very cute with most dressing up designs. A white or silver pair of ballet slippers are ideal for this winter angel look for kids.

Ballet shoes are sensible for children's young feet and can be skipped in, run in and used for jumping with ease. They are not ideal for outdoor play where sandals, shoes or canvas pumps might be better options.

To add a winter touch to some girl's shoes that you have already, get a white or silver pair of shoes or sandals and add on a snowflake motif or a large yarn pom-pom on the front in silver or white to complete the look.

Snow Angel Hair Styling and Wigs

snow angel girl child

This little snow angel looks adorable. The winter theme is enhanced with the snowflake designs on her dress and wings with a touch of glitter and sparkle.

Image Credit: Shared by Mike Carter on Flickr with a CC License

This character can have any color hair but white or blonde hair just happens to fit a wintry theme much better than other colors. You could look for a white or blonde child's wig. One with lots of pretty curls styled in should look adorable.

If you do decide to pick out a wig instead of using the child's own hair, remember that you need to fit a halo headband on top of the design. An up-do hairstyle may not work very well with a halo. Wearing the hair in a looser style should work.

Snow Angel Costume Accessories Girls Can Enjoy

FashionWings Children's White Butterfly Style Costume Feather Angel Wings Halo

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Essential parts of this style are wings and a halo. You can easily purchase a halo on a headband as a costume accessory. Alternatively, you can make your own halo by covering a cut out ring of cardboard or wire with fluffy yarn or a white marabou feather boa.

An adult can stick these down with a glue gun. When dry, attach this to the ends of two white chenille stems or pipe cleaners and then attach the other ends to a white headband.

You can purchase special wings and some are made with white feathers. We've never used this option and have always used pretty white fairy wings which are much easier to get hold of.

As a winter angel, she might want some snowflake or icy accessories. Perhaps a pretty silver necklace, charm bracelet or some rhinestone hair decorations. My daughter insists on having a wand no matter what costume she's wearing, so you might want to get or make one with a snowflake on top.

Frosty Winter Makeup for a Child

It's your judgement call as to whether you add makeup or not. You can get lots of child-friendly face paints these days which are easy to apply, remove and are safe for young skin.

For a snow angel, what about painting a few pretty snowflake designs onto the face. Perhaps add on a little bit of lip gloss with a touch of glitter for a frosty look.

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