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Beauty and the Beast BELLE Blue Dress Costume Guide

The blue dress that Emma Watson wears at the start of the new 2017 Beauty and the Beast movie makes a really popular choice to wear for Halloween and also cosplay.

This very detailed Beauty and the Beast Belle blue dress costume page will take you through the whole outfit from head to foot so you can get it just right.

Emma Watson wears 3 main dress outfits through the course of the movie. Belle's blue dress costume is the very first one we see and is highly associated with her very charming provincial village life.

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Beauty and the Beast Belle Blue Dress Costume: Discover How to Get This Look Exactly Right

The provincial life blue costume dress that Emma Watson wears in the Beauty and a Beast movie

The blue dress costume that Emma Watson wears as part of her provincial, small town life. Touches of red and different patterned fabrics have been added for the new remake of Beauty and the Beast.

Image Credit: Original photo cropped. Shared by Kevin Cabral on Flickr with a CC License

You can buy complete blue dress costumes for the new design and the older one or, alternatively, you can use this detailed guide to put together your own DIY look fairly easily.

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The blue dress has undergone quite the transformation from the very plain blue and white design in the cartoon and animated movie to this new live action Beauty and the Beast version.

Belle Blue Dress Costume for Adults

Live action replay Belle blue dress costume Beauty and the Beast movie style outfit Halloween cosplay

Image Credit: Shared by Stephane Gallay on Flickr with a CC License

The village setting for the new movie is based on a real medieval town in France. Belle sings herself that it is a "little town, it's a quiet village." Her description of it as a "poor provincial town" makes her blue dress with the cleaning rags dangling from the waist ideal.

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UK Readers get Belle's Blue Dress from

You may find that it is currently less expensive to buy the old style Belle dress design. You could use the old version as a base for your look and add elements to it to style it more closely to the costume used in the new movie.

Whether you buy a ready made design or put together your own look, you'll get lots of detailed advice on all the separate parts on this page.

Belle Blue Dress Costume for a Child

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UK Readers get Belle's Blue Dress from

There are a few sellers on Etsy who are now making the new style design for girls from toddler up to pre-teen sizes.

See Even More Beauty and the Beast Costumes for Kids Here

Alternatively, buy the old design and add your own additions to create more of an individual and unique look for this character.

How to Put Together Your Own DIY Belle Blue Dress Costume

Casa Loma Beauty and the Beast Emma Watson Blue Dress Provincial Life

There must be more than this provincial life. The re-imagined blue dress for the 2017 Beauty and the Beast movie. Note the different fabrics with some added reds to lift some life into the blues.

Image Credit: Shared by Kevin Cabral on Flickr with a CC License

⭐ Step 1: The White Shirt

If you're putting together your own DIY costume, you'll need to start with a plain white long sleeve shirt which is worn under the dress. Note that the sleeves on the shirt are about 3/4 length and do not come right down to her wrists.

The shirt is open at the front and has an unusual ruched neckline with soft folds adjacent to and on the inside of the straps of her blue dress.

⭐ Step 2: The Solid Blue Pinafore Style Dress

BELLE Beauty and the Beast Disney Princess inspired Costume Apron BLUEBelle Blue Village Dress PDF sewing pattern. 2017 movie Emma WatsonKids Belle Tutu Dress CostumeAdult Belle cosplay costume Halloween

Worn over the top of the long sleeved white shirt is a pinafore style dress. The main color of the dress is a medium blue. It's what I call a denim blue.

The straps are a couple of inches wide and the neckline of the dress is more or less square, cut straight across over her bust. The top section is tight fitting to show off Emma Watson's slim figure.

From the waist, Belle's blue village dress gently flares out into a nice, full skirt going down well past her knees but above ankle length because you can see her ankle boots and rolled down socks under the hem during the start of Beauty and the Beast.

The dress looks as if it has been mended many times with some red patterned fabric showing under the top of the design and some large crossed stitches down the left side at the top of her dress.

⭐ Step 3: The Apron and Patterned Fabrics

Beauty and the Beast Belle Princess Character with Blue Dress and White Apron Costume Outfit

Image Credit: Shared by Vincent Lee on Flickr with a CC License

On top of the dress, Belle wears a blue checked apron tied around the waist. There is some white in the checked lines but it is mostly in blue. The color is actually similar to the dress.

The main contrast comes with all the fabrics she wears tucked into the top of the apron. We may assume that some of these are cleaning rags and cloths.

The top cloth made with a red striped fabric has a slit down the middle where Belle places a French loaf or baguette inside. She later gives this bread loaf to the village pauper, Agatha, who later turns out to be the Enchantress. The cloth underneath this is blue and white striped. The cloths could then have more than one use, knowing how inventive Belle is.

⭐ Step 4: Underneath the Dress

Belle's Petticoat made of striped fabric with a floral lining on the bottom 12 inches on the skirt cosplay

There's a petticoat under the dress which you can see when Belle tucks the hem on one side of her skirt into her waistband. It is a predominantly white fabric with some blue patterning. This has been made in this way so that she can easily ride her horse, Philip, without the skirts getting in the way.

She also wears white bloomers which the ends come down under her knees and above her rolled down socks. In between, Belle has bare legs. The bloomers have a blue pattern on the material.

Lastly come some patterned socks and some medium color flat, brown ankle boots with laces. These look quite worn and in keeping with Belle's poor lifestyle with her father, Maurice.

The Extras for Looking Like the Poor Provincial Village Life Belle: Her Hairstyle and Accessories

This is an excellent hair tutorial video which is perfect for nailing the hairstyles that Belle wears with her blue dress style. All of these are absolutely ideal for that look but particularly the half up, half down twisted ponytail that Emma Watson has when she sings the song called "Belle."

Disney Beauty and The Beast Live Action Movie Belle Deep Brown Cosplay WigAdult womens women Belle Beauty and the Beast wig hair


EZCosplay have a cosplay costume wig for Belle's character that you can wear. It is styled like the Village Life hair with some strands taken back from the front and tied at the back. You can see additional images of the design on the EZCosplay website.

⭐ There is a necklace that this character wears along with her blue dress and it is a red leather cord choker necklace. You can get ready made versions of this necklace ready to buy or have a go at making your own.

Occasionally we see slight changes in the village life costumes with tops worn over the blue dress. There is a white colored one with blue stripes and an intricate flower pattern around the edges. This has the 3/4 length sleeves and it is worn with simple canvas slip on shoes instead of the brown boots and socks.

Village life blue dress Belle cosplay costume dress and white apron

The original style Belle with a solid bright blue dress, white shirt and white apron.

Image Credit: Shared by Ashley on Flickr with a CC License

Perhaps after seeing all this, you'd prefer to opt for the original animated style Disney princess Belle costume. It is much simpler in design and really consists of 3 main parts which is a white shirt, blue dress and a white apron worn over the top.

The old style is cute but I think it really isn't a match for the more intricate and detailed design that is featured in the new Beauty and the Beast remake. If you haven't seen it yet - you definitely should.

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