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Witch decorations for Halloween make for an enchanting room scheme and party theme. There are many accessories, props and items on this theme that you can buy to create a space that looks just like a real witch could be living in your home this Fall season.

Hubble, bubble, toil and trouble: my very first imaginings and ideas on witches came from William Shakespeare’s famous play Macbeth.

Since then I’ve been utterly fascinated and intrigued by women with magical powers in both books and movies. There's Morgan Le Fay, Jadis from Narnia, Glinda from Oz, Hermione Granger from Harry Potter and many more. Step inside for some neat ideas.

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Witch Decorations Make Fantastic Room Props for Halloween and Themed Parties

witch decor accessories items supplies halloween

Image Credit: Original image shared by stux on Pixabay with a CC License

Witch accessories for Halloween are so much fun because you can really decorate your home from top to bottom with items, decor and props that any self-respecting enchantress would use.

You can go to town on the magical and sorcery elements which might include potions and curses, her dark spell book, unusual spell ingredients and even the cauldron where she makes her own spells and special brew.

You can imagine a dark, dingy and untidy home packed to the brim with glass bottles, antique books and some rather unusual curiosities. You want to create at least part of that atmosphere for a successful and bewitching scene in a room.

Halloween Witch House Decorations: Cast a Spell on All Your House Guests

Design Toscano Witch Parking Sign Halloween Wall Sculpture

Get a Witch Parking Only Wall Sculpture from Amazon.com

UK Readers get a Witch Parking Sign from Amazon.co.uk

I love the idea of having a cool looking wall plaque sculpture like this one by Design Toscano. It is a witch parking sign decorated with crossed broomsticks and a pointy hat. It is cast from resin and hand painted so a piece that is made to be enjoyed hopefully for many Halloweens to come.

Art Print Rules for being a Witch by Loralee LewisArt Print Rules for being a Witch by Loralee LewisGlass Potion Bottle Tree Hangers decoration or gift for a Witch WizardGlass Potion Bottle Tree Hangers decoration or gift for a Witch WizardHalloween witch shower curtain bathroom decorHalloween witch shower curtain bathroom decorDesign Toscano Windblown Wicked Witch Metal Weathervane: Roof MountDesign Toscano Windblown Wicked Witch Metal Weathervane: Roof Mount


Design Toscano also have a spell casting in progress sign which was out of stock the last time I checked. What a fun looking hanging wall sculpture to pop on a door or on a wall in the home. I love the green eyed black cat wearing a witch hat. It fits perfectly with the theme and, if you look closely, you can also see a jeweled spider on its web too.

witch themed halloween decorations book of spells

Create atmosphere with a potions and creepy concoctions spell book prop for your Halloween display.

Image credit: Shared with a CC License by Kinwart on Flickr

A spell book prop really ought to take center stage in your room decor. Have one propped up in a homemade cabinet of curiosities, in the middle of a table or on a shelf. You want it to catch the eye of your guests. After all, what is a witch without her book of spells and all the creepy concoctions and ingredients that she needs.

Get inspired with bewitching items based on either a fun witch character or even an evil and powerful sorceress depending how light or dark you want to go with your props. Everyone knows about cauldrons and broomsticks but there are lots more ideas that you can incorporate too.

Halloween diy witch spell book

See How to Make a Spell Book Prop Like Mine Shown Here

Image Credit: photo belongs to the author.

You can buy prop spell books if you want to. But you can also make your own quite easily too. Use an old hard cover book that you no longer have any use for and cover it with with some dark colored paper or spray paint the cover in a base color instead.

Once you have the main color, add some decorations which can be as simple as printing out a witch themed image and sticking it to the cover. You can buy antique gold lettering stickers to add a title to your book. Alternatively, print off a fun label from your computer. Making your own spell book for your witch home decor could become a really fun craft project in the run up to Halloween.

Witch Kitchen Accessories: What's Brewing in the Heart of Your Home

Halloween Witch Couple Pumpkin Salt and Pepper ShakersHalloween Witch Couple Pumpkin Salt and Pepper ShakersHalloween SVG, Witch's Kitchen Stirring Up Some Magic SVG Cut File. Great for Halloween Rustic Home Decor and Modern Farmhouse.Halloween SVG, Witch's Kitchen Stirring Up Some Magic SVG Cut File. Great for Halloween Rustic Home Decor and Modern Farmhouse.Witch's Brew Handcrafted Mug ceramicWitch's Brew Handcrafted Mug ceramicPrimitives by Kathy Midnight Halloween Witches Soiree Dish TowelPrimitives by Kathy Midnight Halloween Witches Soiree Dish Towel


UK Readers get a Witch Salt and Pepper Set from Amazon.co.uk

I like the Wizard of Oz witch and her crystal ball in a fun looking ceramic salt and pepper shaker set. This is a kitchen or dining accessory which should be both fun and practical too. It looks ideal to take out for Halloween each year or to keep on display all year long for any Oz fan. The shakers stay in position together until needed with their magnetic inserts.

➡️ See More Salt and Pepper Shakers for Halloween

One of the most important rooms for a witch must be her kitchen where she can concoct some magnificent spells and sorcery in her cast iron cauldron. It’s the hub of her home and it’s likely going to be a crucial room for throwing a Halloween party or cooking up some treats (and tricks too) for your willing guests.

Large cast iron cauldrons and kettles can be expensive. You can always get plenty of smaller display pieces which can make great little props and also can be used to hold a dip or some candy.

If you get yourself a cauldron for decoration, here’s some ideas for what you can do with one depending on the size of it: use it as a dip pot, serve stew or soup in it, fill it with punch or a home brew like cocktail, store candy in it, use it as an ice bucket or fill it with gory Halloween props.

Grasslands Road Pretty Wicked Who Needs a Glass Black Cat Wine Coaster and Stopper Set

Get this Black Cat Wine Stopper and Cauldron Coaster Set from Amazon.com

This is a real novelty and fun looking Witch home decor item with a 2 piece set of a wine coaster and bottle stopper. The wine coaster is shaped like a cauldron and has wording inside which reads: Who needs a glass? I’ll take it straight from the bottle. And the top of the stopper is a cute cat wearing a witch’s hat and a bat shaped collar. The ceramic coaster looks like it would also make a fun little dip bowl too.

Another great way to serve candy or small treats is with the Witch and her Cauldron figurine designed by Jim Shore. Jim Shore figurines are collectible and make great gifts but this particular one is a wonderful way to serve up candy year after year during the bewitching season. But watch out in case she’s casting a nasty spell over the treats.

Scary Bottle LabelsScary Bottle LabelsSet of 4 Halloween Party Bottle Labels, Wine, Soft DrinksSet of 4 Halloween Party Bottle Labels, Wine, Soft DrinksSet Of 7 Unique Handmade Funny & Spooky Vintage Halloween drink bottle labelsSet Of 7 Unique Handmade Funny & Spooky Vintage Halloween drink bottle labelsVintage Halloween Decorations | 6 Wine Bottle Stickers | Scary Halloween Party Supplies and Decorations, Photo Props and Party FavorsVintage Halloween Decorations | 6 Wine Bottle Stickers | Scary Halloween Party Supplies and Decorations, Photo Props and Party Favors


UK Readers get some Halloween bottle labels from Amazon.co.uk

There are fun Halloween bottle labels like these ones shown above to get to cover your drinks and beverage containers. Look for free printables online too or have a go at making your own labels. Even labels that are handwritten in fancy styles can look good too. Use these designs as fun inspiration for wording and design.

Serve Up Some Witches Fingers to Your Guests

Witches fingers halloween snack kitchen display prop

Serve up some gnarled looking edible witches fingers to your guests or use them as a creepy prop.

Image credit: Shared with a CC License by Ruocaled on Flickr

Fun to have on show at Halloween are these Witches Fingers. These are cookies that you can bake up and serve as party food to willing guests. Or you can bake them and use as a prop for October 31st because, arranged like this, they look really gruesome just peeking out from under some carefully arranged fabric.

I found a full recipe over at Martha Stewart’s site for you to use. Almonds make great nails and you can always use some food coloring to dye the cookies a putrid yellow green color too.

Witch Themed Halloween Decorations: Every Good Witch Has Her Familiar

A familiar is a normally an animal that works to assist a witch in her supernatural work. Most people think that a familiar has to be a black cat but it can actually be any animal. It’s just that black cats are heavily associated in popular culture with witches.

It is easier for us to associate an ugly, evil or mysterious looking animal with doing the bidding of witchcraft than a cute one. Apparently there could be more than one of these animals belonging to one witch. So your witch decor could incorporate as many as you choose.

Other popular types of familiars include owls (not a surprise since they are creatures of the night) toads and dogs even. Sometimes large black varieties of birds like crows and ravens are associated with having a witch as their mistress. I happen to love black color birds.

You can get many creepy bird figurines. I can just imagine them placed on a desk or an old-fashioned looking counter or table-top, perhaps arranged along with some vintage hard back books. Such a creepy looking prop for your home. It would also make quite a suspenseful entrance to a home when used on a covered front porch and perhaps on top of some artfully arranged soil.

WOWindow Posters Green Eyed Cat Halloween Window Decoration Two 34.5

Get this Cat Eye Double Window Decoration from Amazon.com

Really catch the eyes of all your neighbors and approaching trick-or-treaters with these giant cat’s eye window decorations. They are illuminated from behind when you leave the lights on in the rooms where they’re placed. From seeing photos of people using these decorations, they look fantastic when the whole house is in darkness except for the cat’s eye rooms.

Create a Cabinet of Curiosities: A Focal Point Filled With Bewitching Witch Items and Accessories

Witch cabinet curiosities

An apothecary prop or cabinet of curiosities makes a fantastic witch themed display for Halloween. Fill it with potion bottles, skeleton bones and trinkets.

Image credit: Shared with a CC License by Kinwart on Flickr

Transform any wooden cabinet or set of shelves into a unique Cabinet of Curiosities that can become the focal point of your witch themed decorations. Position it in an area of the home which will make it highly visible to your guests.

If you don’t have any suitable piece of furniture then you could create something similar on top of a desk, a table or around your mantel. This one’s been really well done with lots of intriguing items.

12 Halloween Potion Bottle Labels One of a Kind Designs Peel-n-Stick Stickers

Buy these Peel and Stick Halloween Potion Bottle Labels from pbleu on Etsy

Find interesting little bottles that you can cover with homemade labels for items such as: Eye of Newts, Tooth of Dragon, Gall of Goat, Viper Venom, Poison Ivy, Dead Flies and Spider Legs.

You can fill the bottles with harmless items such as dried spices and water filled with food coloring. Add on a small pumpkin, some well-used candles, a spell book, bone props, goblet, witch hat, skull, cobweb material, spiders and broomstick propped up by the side.

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